I Don't Want To Spend This Much Time On Ceramic. How About...

© Photo: Bell, Bell Ross, and Ross and free 1 BR-X White Falcon.
Bell & Ross BR-X 1 is released in a year, in the form of 2557 chronograph skeleton, and then a year later ChronographTourbillon X1 range, such as micro-X2Tourbillon-blow just came out from the line of "Experimental" Bell & Ross is a rectangular watches for a familiar material from BR-01 with BR-03 from the line "tool", but adds the skeltonization or complications than mixing.

This month, Bell & Ross, has announced two new versions of the X1 line, the architectural design of these clocks have been used on dial analog control of the plane and "White Hawk", these two colors using private jets from Bell & Ross is not clear on what the exact injection but we are guessing that it might be dangerous, 5000 world Vistajet.

First up is the BR-X1 White Falcon chronograph skeleton ($19,700), and the ceramic white skeletonized microblasted titanium chronograph. The play/pause and rewind buttons on the rubber insert. Bead, Sapphire Crystal front reveals a complex architecture, second run four spokes, 3 chronograph minutes plates 9 krafklang dates, Chrono, and 6 seconds are as easy to read as. Watch the semi skeletonized hands thick baton is partially filled with a needle.

The next hard hit: the White Falcon Monopusher chronograph Tourbillon watch is BR-X1 ($169,000), the winding is similar to its sibling, but is shy of a complicated tourbillon carriage, with the theme of "company" and "logo and the addition of a power reserve display at 8:30 near to reveal only a single ceramic and rubber rocker button is pressed for 30 minutes chronograph second subdials at 1:30 10:30.

Watch all 45 mm, water resistant to 100 meters, and the surface material to a second calf rubber strap.

Launch the Gallery: image: Bell & Ross 1 BR-X White Falcon.

Alexa m.d.,MSC Orbitkey Muse device for your car and more – outstanding campaigns, crowdfunding Ceramic Blade Keychain is simple.

This week we have a campaign from the Kickstarter and Indiegogo crowdfunding five click through to read more details about these products crowdfunded five.

Ring Orbitkey clips and wires – a bunch m.d.,MSC.
Here what is the ring Orbitkey clips and straps that keep your keys organized and ready for your use the latest products Orbitkey.

Why doesn't like. I like the new Orbitkey ring, because I hate the split ring keychain and when people create a new and improved format of this product on a daily basis will not pinch the hand and destroy claws my Orbitkey ring is a ring in stainless steel is essentially a polymer that can be rotated so that you can add and delete the key?

Can find more information on Orbitkey campaign ended in 49 days, and they met the target cost $35,000 you can order advance products Orbitkey price starts at $13 after the end of the campaign, Orbitkey the award is expected to start shipping in our Kickstarter page 2561 Mar for all the details.

Micro-ceramic knife EDC
Here what is the simple Keychain size knives with ceramic blades knife EDC ceramic.

Why don't you like them sent examples of EDC knives ceramic and is so lightweight you'll forget you have it. In your pocket or on your keychain. This knife is not flashy, but it's a little crazy sharp. It will need to cut the smallest box that I have ever tried.

Can find more information on ceramic knife EDC campaigns end on 23, and they met the target cost $1,179 you can order in advance as EDC knife $8 ceramic Micro starting after the end of the campaign, a ceramic knife EDC? The Awards began in February 2018 estimate shipping to our Kickstarter page for all the details.

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Just mobile ShutterGrip
Here what is only considered as the universal holding ShutterGrip for smartphones with built-in shutter button.

Why not just send a cell of like ShutterGrip of them, which I tested with my 2 megapixel XL. If you're looking for a way to make. Reduce your Smartphone more like a camera shutter button only with true mobile ShutteGrip just does not work well for you. I also like the shutter button, lift out the handles if you need to use it. By itself.

For more information just ShutterGrip mobile campaign ends in 9 days and they've found their target capital $20,000 you can order in advance is the only mobile ShutterGrip prices start at $28 after the end of the campaign just mobile ShutterGrip are expected to begin shipping in December's Kickstarter page 2560 for all the details.

Muse – Assistant for Alexa cars.
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